Tips For Enjoying a Smooth Cruise Ship Holiday

So, you’ve made the not-so-difficult decision to embark on a cruise ship adventure of a lifetime that will whisk you around tropical locations whilst you recline in lavish accommodation. Now, as you count down the days, you can also put the foundations in place to make sure your time at sea is (excuse the incredibly inexcusable pun) plain sailing. So grab a pen and some paper, or if you’re comfortably in 2011 then bookmark this page, as we provide you with some quick tips to ensure your dream cruise is hassle free.

First up and top of your list should be to organise your passports and any necessary visas. Your travel agent or cruise line will be able to provide you with information regarding any visa applications that may be necessary. Remember, if you’re going on a cruise during the summer months, this is also a popular time for many other holiday-goers, meaning that your passport application can take longer to go through if you leave it late. You don’t want to miss your dream Cunard Queen Elizabeth cruise just because you forgot to organise your passport!

Tips For Enjoying a Smooth Cruise Ship Holiday

Next up, shortly after booking your holiday you should receive a holiday pack or cruise itinerary from your travel agents. These documents will outline any shore excursion tours or activities in addition to all of your ships port calls. Do not ignore your itinerary. Spending the time straight away to consider and book any excursions will save you precious holiday minutes and also the disappoint of not getting a place on the trips that you want. Take a similar approach to any onboard activities you may be considering, such as restaurant bookings or spa appointments.

Next up, if you have any flight tickets included in your package, check the dates of the flights and seating arrangements are correct well in advance. If the information is incorrect, the last thing you want is a last minute charge to change your flight details. The longer the mistakes go unnoticed, the more expensive they are likely to get!

The next tip is fairly obvious, but it’s better to be reminded at this early stage that you should now start saving and arranging your credit cards. Though you may have already paid for your cruise, to truly enjoy the experience you don’t want to worry about what you’ll be spending on and off board. A key tip when booking a cruise is to try and save a minimum of 50% of the cost of the cruise. That should see you good to spend all you want on fine dining and roulette wheels! Remember some cruise lines will ask for your credit card information as you embark on the ship to cover anything you buy onboard and therefore you’ll have to have sufficient available funds. This necessary authorisation amounts vary dependant on your cruise ship. Consider taking 2 or 3 credit cards to manage on and off board purchases.

Finally, if you take any prescribed medication, always arrange an appointment with your doctor a few weeks prior to your cruise to arrange additional medication. Ask if you can get at least one week’s worth of refill medication to account for any unforeseen delays. Also, be sure to locate and pack any medical documents that may be useful to a doctor should any problems occur.

That’s almost it, but one last thing; on the day you set off make sure you pack your camera. If you book one of the Azamara cruises you want to make sure you capture it all. You’re going to see some of the most beautiful locations known to man, and photos will enable you to share your experience as well as relive personal memories. Enjoy!

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