Surfing Hotspots in England

Surfing has  been a hot spot  in Hawaii since before 1779, when it was discovered by the crew of James Cook’s third expedition boat to the Pacific. Riding the hardwood boards in the waves was part of the Hawaiian culture, and was a way in which stature in the society could be seen. Chiefs displayed their expertise, while  poorer people in the community   tried to become    proficient and obtain a high profile  . While that may have been the case then, surfing is for anyone in the 21st century, and   can even  be done around England .


The great thing about surfing in England is that you can simply drive to your destination, enjoy a day on the waves, and then head home. In this vein, one of the most popular places in England to go surfing is in the most south-westerly county, Cornwall. Those who make the trip here will not be disappointed, as there are plenty of beaches to suit all levels of surfers.

East Anglia

Cornwall is not the only location for surfing in England though; we have a large coastline to take advantage of around the rest of the country. Cornwall can also be a long drive for many people on the eastern side of the country, so the Norfolk coast of East Anglia is an ideal  solution  . The surfing here is mostly suited for beginners, but this shouldn’t stop the more experienced taking part too.  Beaches to discover  here include:

The North

The northern parts of the country have their share of surfing beaches too. In the north east, surfers can find some difficult beaches which shouldn’t be attempted by beginners, or even intermediates in some cases . However there are beaches for the beginners too, but as in all locations caution should be taken to prevent injuries.

So, before you start searching for flights to Hawaii to become the big chief of the surf, look slightly closer to home at the English coast. Beginners are advised to take lessons in order to understand the sport as well as  taking caution  about how to stay safe on the beach and in the water. Before you drive to one of the many beaches used for surfing, remember to check that your car insurance is still valid. It is also worth checking that your first aid kit is fully  stocked up too just in case you suffer from an accident when riding the waves !

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