London Is Well Suited For A Gay Excursion

What are the best places for a gay tour? Good places for gay people to take a vacation are places where there are a variety of gay friendly venues and activities.

There are few places in the world better than London to take a gay vacation. It was recently voted the most gay friendly city in Europe. London is home to a very lively gay community and the city is noted for its tolerance and diversity of peoples.

If drinking is what you enjoy then a trip to London will satisfy your every dream. Britain is a country of pubs and London boasts some of the best gay friendly pubs in the country. From loud cabaret, drag shows and karaoke to tranquil drinking spots on the River Thames, London has it all.


To really experience the gay scene of London, you must be sure to check out the most well known gay districts such as Soho, Earls Court and Islington. In these places you will find a selection of gay friendly and gay owned restaurants. Balans, is in the heart of central London at Soho and is always packed and lively. If you can’t take the crowds, try another of their branches at Kensington. The food is enjoyable and the prices are moderate. Later in the evening the restaurant becomes more of a club and bar.

As well as pubs and restaurants, London also boasts an impressive selection of gay and gay friendly hotels, guest houses and hostels. You will find something to suit all budgets. Some of the lower cost ones are basic, cheerful and friendly while the more exclusive one provide all the creature comforts a gay visitor could possibly be looking for.

Gay marriage is legal in the UK which take the form of civil partnerships. There are few places in Europe better for a gay couple to get hitched. Many hotels and clubs have licenses to perform civil partnerships and a gay couple will be spoiled for choice on where to perform their big day.

A gay vacation to London or any vacation to London will not be complete without a visit to its famous landmarks and attractions. Take time to visit London’s galleries which exhibit some of the world’s most renowned artists. There is also the famous West End for great theatre and you shouldn’t miss out on a visit to the country’s monuments such as Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge.

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