Getaway to Swansea in Tasmania

Where are you going on your next vacation? Will it be the same old thing? How about a beautiful white beach on the Coral Sea? Travel to the eastern coast of Tasmania, Australia. There will a great deal of things do see and experience. Does this sound like a relaxing vacation? Here are just a few reasons to look into a Swansea Tas accommodation.

What type of fishing do you enjoy? You will have all kinds to choose from. Flathead fishing is very popular here. The Swan River features excellent angling opportunities. Catches of one to two kilograms are not uncommon. Other favorites here include crabs and rock lobsters. Perhaps you need some good bait. Go to the Dolphin Sands Road. You may be able to find nippers, crabs, and pawns there. They will make excellent bait. The Swan River offers good chances to catch gar or leatherjacket.

Getaway to Swansea in Tasmania

You may wish to take a boat out onto the river. It is perfectly fine to stay right on the banks. Either way will provide a great opportunity. Are you looking for squid? The main pier at Coles Bay is the best place, in the evening. Jigs work very well there. You may also find mackerel and long pike.

Down a ways from Great Oyster Bay is Schouten Passage. You will find deep waters and strong currents in this channel. You will also find very good fishing here. Flathead and Trumpeter are just a few of the one that you will encounter. There will be tuna closer to the shore. You may also have the chance to get a blue shark. All across this area you will find amazing fishing. You will see a large variety of opportunities. You may also take a charter fishing trip from Coles Bay.

Surfing opportunities
How do you feel about surfing? You can find a very good right hand point break at Kularoo. The entire coastline of eastern Tasmania, features some of the best surfing in the world.

There is amazing scenery at Freycinet National Park. Travel to the wetlands or take in the granite peaks. There is a lovely eucalyptus forest as well as enchanting white beaches. Wineglass Bay beach is world famous. You might wish to go bird watching or hiking. There is a lot of local wildlife and sights to see.

You may want to stop at Cape Tourville Lighthouse. The view from there is unforgettable. Take in the lovely coastline. You could encounter several areas to walk or hike to. There is an enormous variety of wildlife to appreciate.

Stay at any of the many fine hotels. Visit the local restaurants and many cafes. Do you like seafood? It is fresh here, each day.

Eastern Tasmania, Australia, offers an enormous amount of things to do and see. The fishing is exceptional. Whether on shore or in a boat, you can catch a great variety of fish. It features some of the best surfing and diving areas in the world. Hike or walk, as you take in the many natural wonders. You can find very good Swansea accommodation. You will have a most relaxing and invigorating time, while you are here. Visit out website for Swansea attractions.

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